Design Research for Context Awareness


James Laffey1 & I-Chun Tsai2


1.School of Information Science and Learning Technologies,University of Missouri,USA;

2.Department of Educational Foundations Leadership,University of Akron,USA


Abstract: Design research in human-computer interaction uses successive implementations of an innovation to test and refine designs as well as the principles of interaction that the designs are based upon. This progressive refinement in the designed artifacts and the principles of interaction involves putting a first version of a system into practice to see how it works. Then, the design and the principles of interaction are successively revised based on findings. This report describes the approach, efforts and lessons learned from a multi-year effort to develop a contextaware activity notification system for online learning.

Key words: design research;context awareness;human computer interaction;online learning; social computing

The Authors: Dr.James Laffey is a Professor in the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri and a former researcher and systems developer at Apple Computer, Inc( I-Chun Tsai is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership at University of Akron, Ohio. Dr. Tsai’s expertise includes visualizing social interaction of virtual learning environments, analyzing social nature of online learning, and design and integrating multimedia in K-12 settings.


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詹姆斯·拉菲1 蔡宜2


1. 密苏里大学 信息科学与学习技术学院,美国;