余波 庄秀丽 傅佩缮

1.江西师范大学传播学院,江西南昌 330022; 2.北京师范大学 教育技术学院,北京 100875;

3.南开大学 马克思主义教育学院,天津 300071)







【作者简介】余波,江西师范大学传播学院2006级教育技术专业在读硕士 (y.blj018@gmail.com);庄秀丽,博士,北京师范大学教育技术学院;傅佩缮,博士,南开大学马克思主义教育学院副教授。



Analysis of Design and Implentation in Participatory

Learning in WEB2.0 Network Environment


YU Bo1 , ZHUANG Xiuli2 & FU Peishan3


(1. School of Communication,Jiangxi Normal University,Nanchang 330022,China;

2. School of Educational Technology,Beijing Normal University,Beijing 100875,China;

3. School of Ideological and Cultural Educaion,Nankai University,Tianjin 300071,China)


Abstract: In this paper, through a case study, the authors analyses how to use usergenerated content and collective intelligence of WEB2.0 effectively  in teaching activities. The specific research is based on the learning activiey of I love youChina, conducted on the social platform-HaoKanBu for the course Ideological and Moral Cultivation offered by the School of Ideological and Cultural Educaion, Nankai University. The paper analyses participatory learning methods in which students could create learning contents and learn through collective wisdom. Three key points from the research findings are disscussed: selection and design of instructional topic, teacher's role in organizing and facilitating, and students' behavioral characteristics in participatory learning. We hope that this research provides the reference on how to innovate teaching methods through effetive use of WEB2.0 features. 

Keywords: WEB2.0; participatory learning; user-generate content; collective intelligence