Exploring Reasons for Course Completion in Online Learning Environment


Alvie Simonette Q. Alip1 & Maria Ana T. Quimbo2


(1.Faculty of Education,University of the Philippines Open University,Los Baos, Laguna 4031 Philippines;

2.College of Public Affairs,University of the Philippines, Los Baos, Laguna 4031 Philippines)


Abstract: One major challenge faced by educational institutions offering online courses is the development of teaching strategies that will increase student motivation, which can consequently increase rate of course and program completion. Using the Adult Distance Study through Computer Conferencing (ADSCC) Framework developed by Eastmond (1994), this study determines whether such factors as learner readiness, online features, and computer mediated communication (CMC)related learning approaches can contribute to student course completion in a virtual learning environment. Results show that these factors had significant, positive relationship with course completion. Specifically, selfmotivation, belief in technology, and ease in actual use of technology have been found to be the main reasons for course completion in online learning environment.

Key words:course completion;online learning environment;online course

CLC numbers】G434

Document code】A

Article ID】1007-2179(2009)01-0060-05




(1.菲律宾开放大学 教育学院,菲律宾;

2.洛斯巴诺斯大学 公共关系学院,菲律宾)


【摘要】很多提供在线课程的教育机构所面临的一大挑战就是开发能够提高学生动机的教学策略,从而提高课程和项目的完成率。本研究利用Eastmond(1994)开发的“基于计算机会议的成人远程学习框架”(Adult Distance Study through Computer Conferencing,简称ADSCC),探讨了学习者的准备情况、在线特征、与计算机媒介传播(Computer Mediated Communication,tuj tq CMC)相关的学习方法等因素是否会影响虚拟学习环境中学生自备课程完成情况。研究结果表明,以上因素与课程完成情况有着显著的正相关。同时研究还发现,自我动机、对技术的信任,以及技术的易用等是在线学习环境中课程完成的主要原因。