SMART Board在常态课堂教学中的有效应用探析


岳宏伟1  袁旭霞2


1.陕西师范大学 新闻与传播学院,陕西西安 710062

2.上海师范大学 数理信息学院,上海 200234


【摘要】交互式智能电子白板(SMART Board)作为一种新的教学媒体,以其独特的交互性受到了广泛关注,本文首先介绍了它的源起及应用情况,并以案例为基础,结合其功能,对SMART Board在课堂教学中的有效应用进行了探究。

【关键词】SMART BoardNotebook;课堂教学;教学媒体





The Research of Effectively Using SMART Board in Normal Class


YUE Hongwei1 & YUAN Xuxia2


(1.College of Journalism and Communication,Shanxi Normal University,Xi'an 710062China

2.College of Mathematics and Sciences,Shanghai Normal University,Shanghai 200234China)


Abstract: As a new intelligent teaching media, SMART Board received widely attention because it is interactive. This paper will introduce the origin and extensive applications of it, then explore how to use it in class effectively according to the practice and its function. 

Key wordsSMART Board; Notebook; classroom teaching; teaching media